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Verbal Reasoning

Verbal Reasoning is the area of the 11-Plus that binds together many of the subject areas that your child will have learned during their primary school education. Without a complete understanding of both Maths and English, it will be difficult to grasp advanced concepts of Verbal Reasoning and for this reason, we highly recommend that children work through the KS2 Maths and English basics thoroughly for Verbal Reasoning exam preparation.

The verbal reasoning part of the 11+ exam can be one of the trickiest to prepare for. The test can vary depending on the examination board. It’s important that you find out in advance which body will be administering your child’s test so that you can help them adequately prepare beforehand.

Verbal reasoning 11+ exam tips

Passages of text are deliberately written in complex, sometimes convoluted language. So read each passage two or three times to make sure you understand what’s being said – and not being said – before you answer. Don’t factor in general knowledge or real-life experiences or that you know prove or disprove a statement.

Some children enjoy verbal reasoning but others may find it challenging. Being good at literacy isn’t just sufficient as children can struggle with code-based questions in verbal reasoning test. Verbal reasoning is not a curriculum-based skill, so your child won’t be taught the techniques at school. It’s one of the skills which requires lots of practice.

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