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Non-Verbal Reasoning

As part of the 11 Plus exam, your child may need to appear for non-verbal reasoning test. Some children find this particular test very simple and have a natural aptitude however others may find it quite challenging. One reason some children find them so difficult is that they have simply never come across these kinds of questions in school.

Non-verbal reasoning tests evaluate problem-solving skills using patterns and shapes rather than words. Questions include puzzles, codes, odd one out, shapes, rotation (spatial awareness) and other such skills that measure IQ. This area tests children on their ability to see patterns and relationships between 2D and 3D shapes. Common types include sequences and patterns, similarities and differences and code type questions.

Non-verbal reasoning focuses on a child’s ability to solve problems visually through analysing information and then using reasoning to reach an answer. It enables children to solve problems without relying too heavily on words. Non-Verbal reasoning tests can help identify children who have difficulties with reading and language.

Non-verbal reasoning 11+ exam tips

Look carefully for similarities and differences – this is key to many NVR questions. Patterns feature heavily in Non-verbal Reasoning too, look for alternative patterns or parts of patterns which increase or decrease in size or number. Think ‘What has stayed the same, and what is different?’ when you look at patterns and shapes. This can help you spot ‘like’ and ‘unlike’ shapes. You can use your craft skills learned in school to make a cube and unfolded it step by step to understand how it will look like in a particular situation.

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