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Maths in the 11 Plus context, tests your child’s understanding of numbers and other mathematical concepts. 11 Plus maths generally covers the curriculum taught in Key Stage 2 so it’s essential that all the basics learned in school are secured. With the increased competition in 11 Plus grammar schools, the curriculum also includes a large majority of National Curriculum guidelines for Year 6 which children have never come across when they appear for the test at the end of Year 5.

Most 11 Plus Maths exam will require mathematical problem solving, where children need to understand and apply mathematical concepts. This means that the basic concepts need to be firmly in place before a child can even begin thinking about using them for problem-solving. Prepare a checklist of all the key topics and work out the strong and weak areas of your child.

It would be useful to cover the following topics which have been used in mostly all the past 11 plus exams.







Metric system



Prime numbers

Prime factors

Highest common factor (HCF) and lowest common multiple (LCM)

Perimeter and Area (Squares, Rectangles, Circle and Polygons)


Distance, Speed and Time (DST)

Column graphs

Pie charts


Angle calculations


Reflection and Rotation


Simple ratio

Volume of cube, cuboids and cylinders

General probability

Nets of shapes

Sequences and number patterns

Understanding scales


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